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Group Discussions/Focus Group

  • Group discussion is an efficient method frequently used for the purpose of surveys. It is a qualitative survey method where the certain number of participants come together under the leadership of a moderator in order to express their ideas and opinions about a certain subject. Participants are selected based on the survey subject and scope. Participants are asked to fill questionnaire forms in the selection process. Group discussions are usually carried out by 7-8 participants. There are also mini-groups of 4-5 participants depending on the purpose. Group discussions last 1.5-2 hours on average. Participants have presents for attending the meeting.
  • Group meetings may be held in different cities based on the subject and scope of the relevant survey. Participants must be first-time attendees in order to achieve effective results from the group meetings and certain quotas are applied based on the survey criteria. Discussion results are presented in DVD format. Interpretation services are offered as and when it becomes necessary.
  • Participants of group discussions are very important. Participants represent the most important factor determining the survey quality. Professional moderators from Cozum Arastirma take the pride in providing services to customers by acting with this awareness.

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Group Discussions / Focus Group Discussions
This content was updated on 15 November 2018.