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Sağlık Sektörü Araştırmaları

Medical Research

Structure of the healthcare sector varies based on the relevant country’s population, cultural development level, natural resources, and political and economic system. In addition, the increased importance attached to the healthcare quality and higher standards set in connection with the healthcare services accelerate the competition between healthcare institutions and provide a substantial contribution towards the development of the sector. In addition to the properties of resources such as tools-equipment, physical structure, labor force, and finance, the mode of presenting a service and satisfaction of the service buyers are aspects making difference in the course of the competition.

Determining the areas of influence and ideas of all actors in the healthcare sector including doctors, pharmacists, patients, healthcare staff, pharmaceutical representatives poses great important for the healthcare sector in the global competitive environment. Surveys are aimed at investigating the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction by revealing the general health profile of individuals and the status of benefiting from the healthcare services. It is very important for us to offer services to our professional teams offering privileges in connection with sectoral development researches, demand estimations, tendencies, patterns and performance assessments.

Healthcare sector surveys involve;

  • Patient satisfaction surveys,
  • Healthcare personnel satisfaction surveys,
  • Corporate, brand, perception and publicity surveys,
  • Consumer approach surveys for pharmacies,
  • Pharmaceutical performance assessments with doctors,
  • Pharmaceutical representative performance assessments with doctors,
  • Prescription tendencies surveys.

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Healthcare Sector Surveys
This content was updated on 15 November 2018.