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Qualitative Researches

Qualitative research is to identify, understand and explain the target audience. The aim is not to obtain numerical results, but to understand the subject more deeply and to look at the events through the eyes of the target audience. Qualitative research and data collection methods such as observations, interviews, and document analysis are used, and it is possible to define with qualitative process perceptions and events in a natural environment in a realistic and holistic way. In qualitative research, it is not an objective to reach numerical data, majority or minority ideas. The reasons for the factors underlying attitudes and behaviors are examined in detail. It allows us to see the researched subject from the point of view of related individuals and to reveal the processes and factors that come from this perspective. Observation and interviews are the most frequently used qualitative research methods in capturing and understanding the momentum and mobility of social phenomena.

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This content was updated on 15 November 2018.