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Gizli Müşteri Araştırmaları

Mystery Shopper Surveys

“Mystery Shopper Survey” involves professional or actual customers who are provided a training to report their assessments and experiences on services in a detailed and independent manner.  “Mystery Shopper” is an individual with a good memory. He/she is a good observer and likes to share his/her experiences. A mystery shopper experiences the process and displays behaviors as he/she does in real life and employees cannot distinguish a mystery shopper from other customers.

Çözüm Araştırma is ready to provide mystery shopper survey services to organizations with its professional staff and database established throughout Turkey.

Gizli Müşteri Araştırmaları

  • Mystery shopper surveys;
    • Determines the level of knowledge of an employee about the services offered,
    • Checks the level of adherence to organizational regulations,
    • Identifies the efficiency level of the training,
    • Assesses the attitudes and behaviors of employees against customers,
    • Assesses the attitudes and behaviors of senior-junior employees against each other,
    • Reveals the efficiency of cleaning, visual and audio announcements,
    • Assesses the arrangement practices,
    • Improves products and services,
    • Determines training requirements and opportunities,
    • Eliminates the existing weaknesses,
    • Improves the motivation of employees,
    • Helps to prevent the operational blindness,
    • Helps to improve the brand perception and image,
    • Helps to create a portfolio of loyal customers,
    • Improves customer satisfaction,
    • Contributes efforts of increasing the sales,
    • Provides input for the right performance assessments.

    Mystery shopper surveys work flow;

    • Corporate inspection standards are set,
    • Mystery shopper standards are set,
    • Inspection scenario is prepared,
    • Assessment form is prepared,
    • Performance scores are determines,
    • Inspection frequency is set,
    • Results are entered into Excel and PowerPoint documents,
    • Categorized scores filtered by branches or presented as overall results,
    • Success percentages and success ranking are determined,
    • Insufficiencies, opinions, comments and recommendations are reported for each branch,
    • The process ends with multiple analyses carried out using smart maps prepared in Excel.

    Çözüm Araştırma professionals are ready to develop Mysterious Shopper Survey models tailored for your organization.

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This content was updated on 15 November 2018.