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Promotion research, before starting marketing activities such as promotion, sample distribution etc., it enables the evaluation of the activity in many aspects from the type to the content and to reach the target audience in the most appropriate way.

Promotion research can be applied to each process below;

  • Creation of new promotions,
  • Evaluation of existing promotions.

Before releasing promotions, target audience’s evaluations and suggestions about potential promotions are tested with the quantitative methods. Doing so, which promotion idea will be effective is determined.

Before and after promotion activities, 2 different quantitative research results are compared, and the effectiveness of the promotion is measured.

Advantages of the promotion research;

  • You can choose the most appropriate promotions in terms of marketing and sell expectations and target audiences’ expectations as well,
  • You can foresee the success of the potential promotion, and its effect on the purchase and the brand image.

You can estimate your current promotions and revişe them.

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This content was updated on 15 November 2018.