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Feelings about public opinion polls isn’t positive in Turkey and many companies and institutions think that it is unnecessary to pay to the public opinion polls. Most of companies and institutions tend to minimize their research expenditures as a policy to deal with the fight against the global and national crisis.

On the contrary of these thoughts, research must be indispensables of the companies and institutions in the current conditions because the profile of the consumers has changed by the time. In the 1950s the consumers or “demandant” were buying the product as the producers or “suppliers” produce or present the product to them. The most reason for this situation was because of the lack of an alternative and a competitive environment. However, the supply-demand balance began to change after the 2000s. The suppliers began to produce according to the demands of consumers because the market environment has changed day by day. Due to the increase in the number of a competitive environment, conscious consumers and alternative products, consumers have more choice to buy any product and service. They can buy the best product or service for themselves. This situation found out the concepts of “consumer expectation and consumer satisfaction” in the marketing. Businesses and institutions which satisfy the expectations of consumers began to gain more. On the other hand, not only the consumer satisfaction is not enough but also you must keep the consumer satisfaction permanent. Today, “Public opinion poll” is the best way to learn the feedback of “consumer expectations and consumer satisfaction”.

This content was updated on 15 November 2018.