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Segmentasyon Araştırması


Consumer type is different for a product or a brand. Presently, analyzing of potential consumers based on income, behavior, gender, age, social economic group, and much more detailed groupings comes important.

“Segmentation Research” which enables to analyze the attitude, behavior, lifestyles of each group and creates “sub-segments” that has customized marketing methods and strategy.

Segmentation Research;

  • Enables to use your limited sources in the most efficient way
  • Group the consumers based on added-value
  • Focus on these value-added consumer group
  • Abstain from intensive competitive segments and focus on right segments that bring advantages
  • Implement segment-oriented sales strategy (price, credit-risk)
  • Differentiate segment-oriented product assortment
  • Plan segment-oriented product-promotion activity
  • Build segment-oriented sales team
  • Generally, segmentation is the main instrument to be efficient, competitive and profitable in your business.

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This content was updated on 15 November 2018.